We won that time, and will win now: young people demand the border with Russia

At the 502 anniversary of the Battle of Orsha activists of the Belarusian youth political organizations has released a video demanding to set a civilized border with Russia. Youth Movement "For Freedom", the Young Christian Democrats, the Belarusian Popular Front Youth, Young Social Democrats — Young Hramada and Young Democrats joined the demand. "We demand civilized border with Russia. To stop the flow of drugs and weapons. To protect ourselves. To live in independent sovereign state" — young people explain their demand. The process of shooting of this video was filmed by operators in civilian clothes (seen in the video). About ten security personnel watched the protesters. "We have the right to protect our home. We have the right to ensure our European future. We have the right to our Belarus" — sounds in the video. "We won that time, and will win now" is the ending of the video.
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